What is a Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan?

Welcome back to AB Behavioral Consulting LLC. Today, we will be discussing the results of a Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans.

When initially starting services with AB, you will be appointed a supervisor who will be coming to meet with you and your family to discuss behavioral services. This is the Functional Behavior Assessment stage, sometimes known as Functional Behavior Analysis. Your supervisor will walk you through various questions and scenarios to better understand the challenges you may be experiencing. Please note, it's always better to overshare than under-share for transparency and understanding. Questions you may be asked include:

- When does the behavior typically occur?

- Who does the behavior occur most often with?

- Does the behavior occur when your son/daughter is alone?

In addition, we may ask questions regarding things your child likes such as toys, food, activities, and more!

Once we have this information gathered, we can now use your responses as well as direct observations to create a behavior plan. A behavior plan identifies, the problem behavior occurring and appropriate replacement behaviors for those challenging behaviors. For example, if a client tends to throw his bottle when empty, an appropriate replacement behavior would be to sign "more".

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your functional behavioral assessment or behavior plan, please reach out!

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