4 Easy steps to get enrolled in ABA services

Have you or your child recently received an autism diagnosis, and you are not sure what to do next? We will walk you through how to navigate those difficult questions and help you better understand what your next steps may be.

After a diagnosis is provided, you may speak with your diagnosing physician to review the results and recommendations. Often at the end of the diagnosis, you will find various therapies recommended,

parent support, and examples of interventions that can provide assistance. Be sure to ask for the appropriate documentation from the assessment including:

  • Diagnostic Tool, examples include the Vineland, ADOS

  • Results

  • List of recommendations and next steps

If your diagnosing physician has recommended you or your child receive ABA therapy, the next step would be to consult your primary care physician. When speaking to your primary care physician, ask if they also would recommend ABA therapy for you or your child. I’d they agree that it is the best course of action, you may ask for a prescription for ABA services. Various payers are needing this script to ensure that you or your child are medically stable enough to receive services. Be sure to ask for:

  • ABA prescription stating that the client is medically stable for therapy for example Johnny is medically stable for ABA therapy and it is recommended at this time.

Once you have both documents prepared you and your family would need then need to decide what best therapy would fit your needs.

  • Clinic Setting Only

  • Hybrid Clinic and In-Home

  • In-Home only

All three settings have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Currently, at AB Behavioral Consulting, we only provide in-home therapy, as we find this model of therapy is most beneficial for the family as well as the client.

Next is to research! It is recommended you search for a company that fits your values. At AB Behavioral Consulting, we strive to provide the highest quality services to ensure generalization and teaching. Our clinicians have over 5 years of experience and provide direct consultation to you, your child, and your family. A few keywords to help you find the best ABA company is:

  • ABA therapy near me

  • Autism therapy near me

  • ABA Therapy near (Castle Rock)

Your search may yield over 10-15 results, take your time when reviewing each company to determine whether they may be a good fit. After completing the “contact us” you most likely will receive a call back from an administrator to identify scheduling, provide all documentation and any additional documents they may need. At AB Behavioral Consulting, you will be speaking directly with your BCBA who will be assigned to your case and will be your direct point of contact from day 1.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may be having! We look forward to working with you.

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